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American Lemonade


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We are often asked how we are able to filter our Lemons to ensure they are not Grumpy.

When your needs are greater than one Iced Cold Drinks stall we can offer as many stalls as you need, each with trained staff.

To be able to offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction used to be a scary daunting suggestion, but after 6 years, we have this down to the 100% we wanted.

Our Iced tea is a perfect way to relax on a sunny afternoon, we offer the perfect hand produced iced tea each and every time it’s made for you. The recipe has been in our family for years.

Sometimes work is not really work, it’s a fun thing to do and get paid!

Whether your event is a private affair a fireworks evening or music festival our stands make a good impression.

Many people come to us and ask how we got into Lemonade? always thinking it must be easy! Whilst it is not a difficult job, there are many different rules, laws and legal requirements required to trade.

A Food Circus in our group name for the various Catering and drinks units we operate.

Book The Lemon For Your Event

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We Never Use........... Grumpy Lemons

A little about us

We bring a little magic to your event, your guests will really enjoy seeing our 20 ft high lemon. We work at children parties, weddings, various music events and family event days. If you would like to book us, please click here

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American Lemonade

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Hand Made Iced Drinks

Lemonade University

 Lemonade University Graduates

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Able to Spot Grumpy Lemons