Many people come to us and ask how we got into Lemonade? always thinking it must be easy! Whilst it is not a difficult job, there are many different rules, laws and legal requirements required to trade.

Being that we are dedicated to Lemonade we wrote a Lemonade book, and quickly found we were being copied however they lacked the extra twist that we offer.

We have since opened our own Lemonade University, helping others to sell Lemonade legally, safely and in high volumes. 

We are also the author of the Lemonade book called HOW TO SQUEEZE CASH OUT OF LEMONS - Written by Mario Costabuck, which is a complete guide to teaching you how to set up and sell Lemonade in Volume, you are shown what we say to customers, how to present the Lemonade and how to decorate your unit. Whilst you might think this is not important read our scripts and customer feed back. you will see why our scripts are excellent and why you will increase your sales dramatically.


Our company has grown out of a desire to offer the best products, so with this in mind, we found ways to produce our own products and now also sell our product range throughout the world.


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We bring a little magic to your event, your guests will really enjoy seeing our 20 ft high lemon. We work at children parties, weddings, various music events and family event days. If you would like to book us, please click here

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