Sometimes work is not really work, it’s a fun thing to do and get paid!

We love selling our American lemonade and Iced Teas, it’s not as profitable as flipping burgers, but it is easy and when we are asked to work on sea fronts and awesome bays for a few days the answer is always YES please.

Here are a couple of examples of our units located on some sea fronts and bays around England.

We are able to set up anywhere and always provide Iced Cold Drinks.

Our company has grown out of a desire to offer the best products, so with this in mind, we found ways to produce our own products and now also sell our product range throughout the world.

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We Never Use........... Grumpy Lemons

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We bring a little magic to your event, your guests will really enjoy seeing our 20 ft high lemon. We work at children parties, weddings, various music events and family event days. If you would like to book us, please click here

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